History of the North Florida Artillery Historical Foundation, Incorporated

The North Florida Artillery Historical Foundation, Inc.  was formed as a partnership between two great cannoneers – Al Hartman and Jim Long. They put their cannons and their heart and enthusiasm together in the fall of 2001 at Andersonville, GA. The organization has grown to include dozens of civil war reenactors and their families. The North Florida Artillery was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Florida in March 2007. In 2014 the name was changed to North Florida Artillery Historical Foundation, Inc. was established as a non profit/IRS organization.

Our Charter

We are a Civil War reenactment group based in north Florida and are actively recruiting members who have an interest in Civil War history and reenactment. We enjoy portraying members of both sides of the war as a tribute to our heritage from the north and the south.

We are a family-oriented group, and encourage the participation of family members in our camp. We feel that having family involved enriches the experience and promotes the best values of reenacting.

Our Field Officers

Gen.  Al Hartman, Commander
Lt. Colonel Jeff Cushing

Corporate Directors

Al Hartman
James Harrell
Barbara Witt
Jeff Cushing
Richard Hardison

Battery Armament

Currently we have two full scale 3 in. Ordnance Rifles on Carriages with full limbers, and one 12 lb’r Field Howitzer. We also have one 6 lb’r Napoleon not mounted at this time.